Review: Straight Shot Metal Smashing

I had seen reviews crop up on several friends’ blogs about Straight Shot Metal Smashing, by Beka at The Owls Approve blog. Pretty bridle charms, lightweight aluminum cuff bracelets stamped with a name/phrase/saying and with different colors available to highlight the stamping.

I’m a sucker for pretty, blingy things, and decided to exorcise my post-ride pull-demons with a bit of retail therapy.

The hardest part for me was deciding what exactly I wanted, but I narrowed it down to a couple of bridle charms and a cuff.

Within a day of placing the order, Beka messaged me about one of the charms (the skull) — I had color options on that, and which one would I like? Oooo, sparkly *and* colorful???

I ended up choosing the orange skull charm, and within another day, I received a shipping notification. Wow, talk about fast turnaround and excellent communication!

So I was stalking the postal service site (received a day early, even!) and booked it down to my mailbox as soon as I saw the “delivered to parcel locker” status appear on the tracking number.

photo 1 (10)

pretty packaging! with a bonus skull charm! (going to add a clip to that and turn it into another bridle charm, probably.)

Love the details on the packaging — pretty wrapping, with horse-print tape, and the little bonus skull charm.

And this is what was inside (ugh, blurry phone camera pics):

On the cuff, I had the phrase “horse sense” stamped on it. It has multiple purposes and meanings: 1) I’m pretty sure (most) horses I know have more sense than many people. 2) Our world often doesn’t make sense to horses, so when I’m working with them, it’s a reminder to me to make sure I’m trying to come at that work from a horse’s perspective. 3) Knowledge and theory and learning is valuable…but so is intuitive horse sense.

The orange skull will look great with my orange tack set (and Liberty’s black/white skull-n-crossbones fleece), and the feather…I just love feathers. They go along with my love of birds of prey.

Her prices are really reasonable, with excellent workmanship and attention to detail. (I’ve done some jewelry-making in the past myself, so really appreciate things like smooth jump rings and secure fastenings.) I’m currently wearing the cuff, and will be attaching the charms to my bridles right away…and am already “wish listing” ones I want to order in the future!

Disclaimer: I do reviews based on products and companies that I like. All opinions are my own and I have not received any compensation or benefits for my review. 


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