Weekly Roundup

An experimental new series: my week’s worth of random tidbits, discoveries, and things I found interesting.

Does a mare’s ear size have a positive effect on her performance abilities?

This idea for a homemade saddle pad drying rack.

Pam Smith’s account of her 2013 Western States 100 win. Some interesting tips and insight.

On the heels of yesterday’s post about getting my running mojo back, I’m hoping my next race will be the Flagstaff Big Pine in June. I was offered a free race entry, so now I’m trying to coordinate if I can get the weekend away. Given that it is high elevation, I will likely go for the 13k distance (as much as the small voice is saying ‘Do the 27k and make the trip worth it”).

In honor of the Kentucky Derby this past weekend, the movie 50 to 1 was (finally!) just released on DVD; based on the true story of the 2009 Kentucky Derby and the long-shot winner Mine That Bird. Normally I don’t watch horse movies — they are either too depressing or too angsty along the way, but this one was really good with minimal drama and no tears…it’s a great story and a thoroughly entertaining movie.

The battle within the waterproof-breathable fabric market.

Horse people always need knots.

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