cover girls

Not too long after we started distance riding, one of Mimi’s and my ride photos was the cover page for the Long Riders Gear (now Riding Warehouse) catalog. I think it was one of the 2003 catalogs, since the photo was from 2002.

We were both babies then…Mimi was 9, I was 16. I chuckle a bit that yes, at one time, I actually started with basic black tack. (As I gaze now at my current tack hooks loaded with all things purple and orange and colorful… :))

Looking back, it makes me smile…I had us loaded down for a safari expedition with bags and packs…all for one 20-mile NATRC ride. This was only our second ride…we were both still learning. (Witness Ashley riding in paddock boots and Mimi pulling to go faster…well, at least one of us learned, since someone still likes to pull at opportune moments.)

That was the Helen Logan River Romp ride, held in Santa Ynez, CA…still one of the prettiest rides I’ve done.

I was so glad I found this the other day during my magazine sorting. All sorts of happy memories.

One thought on “cover girls

  1. Love it! Too funny about all the gear and basic black :) Again soooo wishing I had photos from LDs as a junior. My buckskin Appendix in double reins and leather bridle and little leather english saddle, irons, and my paddock boots, yep!

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