my little go pony

Miss Mimi is as happy as a clam after getting to go out two weekends in a row. Gotta say, I understand the feeling. There is nothing quite like one’s own pony. :)

A came down and chauffeured us again, which I am so, so grateful for.

heading out from the trailhead

 The weather cooperated in that there was a nice breeze most of the time, and the sun would duck behind some clouds every so often, so it never got too unbearable out.

doing the “big wash”

 The worst part was probably in the wash, which doesn’t get much breeze…but fortunately there were treese and high rock walls, which meant we weren’t baking in full sun.

mountain range overlooking the wash

 Mimi was “on” today. I rode in my Duett again, and the way she was acting, I don’t think saddle fit is an issue. If anything, I think her reluctance in the arena has been sheer boredom and being fed up with circles. Not that I blame her. It does us both good to get out again.

trail signage

 I also took her out in her Myler kimberwick today, after she demonstrated last weekend that she was being a bit strong in her s-hack. Every so often she needs a reminder about giving and softening, and apparently she’s on one of those reminder cycles now.

She was forward and eager enough today that I was glad for the bit, since it meant all I had to do was give finger taps on the reins when she would try for yet another sneaky trot opportunity. She really wanted to go today.

lunch break!

We did two loops: the first was a 9-mile, all walking (except for the sneaky trot opportunities), then came back in for a drink and snack, then went back out on a 4-mile loop that was more trotting.

I was so happy with how she did today. She’s out of shape for hills, since we’ve been doing nothing but flat arena work, but she’s one game little pony. She was still bright-eyed at the end, and eating and drinking with gusto. She did her customary “drop her head and snooze, I’m so tired” routine after she was untacked and somewhat cleaned up…but perked right up for an in-hand trot-out, then jumped right into the trailer to head home. Back at the barn, she proceeded to drag me up the barn driveway, then trot back to her stall as soon as I’d dumped all of my bags and stuff at my car. She dove into her hay and water back at the barn, got a shower, had a good roll in the sand, and went right back to her food.
I’m still tickled with how well she did today. She’s been on her new joint supplement for a week now. I don’t know if it makes that big of a difference already, or if she’s just in a happy place mentally with getting to go out again…whatever it is, I’ll take it. When she feels good, I feel good.

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