Dear Ariat

Stop making really spiffy things that I love and then discontinuing them, only to replace them with a higher-dollar substitute I don’t like as well.

The most obvious case-in-point of this would be the ever-popular Terrain Half Chaps. By the time I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and get a pair, they were all sold out and discontinued in the size I would need (which is Small Short, preferably…Small might work). The replacement, the Volant XT, is double the price and I don’t like the look of them nearly as well as the original Terrain half chaps. Spanish topline? For endurance? Are you kidding me?

I’ve also got a pair of these Ariat Duma sneaker/Terrain things that I really like. Too bad they’re about 6 or 7 years old now and I’m forced to limit the amount that I use them, lest they wear out, since they don’t make them anymore. They’re really similar to the original Terrain boot, only lighter weight and really ventilated.

Anyone want to help me petition to bring back the shoes and the Terrain half chaps?

6 thoughts on “Dear Ariat

  1. YES!! I have a pair of the Dumas too (in BLUE of course) and really love them for the “not going to get off the horse and hike” rides. I dislike the lack of tread so don't wear them when I plan on getting off on hills. Mine are probably as old and I love them for being cool and ventilated. I missed the boat on the Terrain half chaps as well and REALLY REALLY wish I could find something similar (in price as well as style) in a nice black mesh.

  2. I remember seeing them in blue and thinking they were awesome…I went with the tan color, which matches AZ sand perfectly. Ditto on disliking the lack of tread, on both them and the Terrains. I like my trail runners for when I know I'm going to get off and hike, but overall prefer the ankle support from more of the riding boot style…which means I don't get off very often. :)

  3. I'll petition with you for the terrain half chaps to come back! I got a pair of those silly Volants when I found them for stupidly cheap on day and while they ride okay I can't bring myself to like the spanish styling. SO not meant for endurance riders…. sigh.

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