and now for something completely different…

In a departure from our usual subject matter, I give you…


Last month, we had a wild Mallard duck come in and scope out our backyard for a nesting location. Given our solid concrete block walls, fish pond, and complete lack of four-legged animal life in the yard, it obviously was a very appealing spot.

Easter Sunday, she laid her first egg.

This past Saturday evening, she hatched out TEN lil’ ducklings. They were all hearty and vigorous from the start, and now, three days later, they’re even more vigorous, have ravenous appetites, and are thoroughly enamored with the pond.

I’m currently supplementing them with a duckling/non-medicated chick starter as extra food, since there’s not enough in the pond for ten little ones plus Mama. They’ve caught on to the food thing very quickly.

“Mama Q” [Quacker] is very protective and watchful of her babies. She herds them into the nest and hisses at me when I go out to change their food/water (gratitude, huh?), and this morning, I watched her jump out of the pond and attack a blackbird who swooped in too close.

watchful Mama

so earnest…right before he attacked the lily blossom

part of the Crew…near impossible to get all 10 in one photo
out of the water and over to the chow

lather, rinse, repeat
Mama shows them how to eat…they were fast studies

lil’ one in the middle poses for the camera

Hello there!

I’m going to enjoy watching these little guys grow up. They’re here for the next 50 days, approximately, until they can fly, since we have 7’+ block walls surrounding our yard. Still…not a bad place to be stuck. :)

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