Yep, we’re in Arizona…

I’m now feeling the need to go back and re-read my own lovely, picture-filled post of all the areas of my state and remind myself again How. Much. I. Like. It. Here.

Because this is coming up:


Not. Ready. For. Summer.

On the plus side, this means Mimi will finally get a bath.  I haven’t bathed her since the fall, mostly because she is such a royal pain when it comes to getting a bath with cold water.  She’s a princess all the way, and if I dare bathe her with cold water, she does everything in her power to make sure I end up just as wet (and cold) as her.  So really, it’s just not worth it when there’s not an overwhelming need (such as a ride) that necessitates a bath and clean pony.

Fortunately, timing was such that when we were competing, I had an endurance friend that lived about a mile or so away from the barn…and she had a wash rack equipped with hot water.  It made the whole bathing drama go so much smoother that it was worth hitching up the trailer and dragging the ponies down to her place and back.

But she’s since moved…I’m on competition hiatus…so bath time waits until the weather gets warmer.

100* definitely qualifies.

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