a random photo dump

Just for fun…because some days there isn’t the mental energy for a proper, thought-filled blog post.

And because everyone loves pictures.

So y’all get an absolute mishmash conglomeration of a whole bunch of random pictures spanning several years and many locations, and none of which I think I’ve posted on here before.

Little Elden Springs, Flagstaff. June 2009.
Mountains + single-track + leading = happy pony.

Descanso NATRC. May 2007. Chasing down riders in front of us…
the endurance thing had spoiled us by this point.

Trailhead @ Blue Point Rec Area on the Salt River.
Summer 2009.

It’s debatable who’s the bigger dork or has the worst
fashion sense. Trailhead @ Picket Post Mtn. February 2011.

Pony-eating rocks of doom @ Christopher Creek in Payson.
September 2010. A fun ride/weekend with a friend that never
got written about. Hmmm. Might have to remedy that.
September 2010.

Crossing the finish line @ Man Against Horse…our first 25.
Prescott, AZ. October 2005.

We used to be stupider braver. And I wonder why I got ejected
out of the saddle with alarming frequency…could I be any more
forward? This was probably sometime around ’03-04.

That really says it all.
First of Spring NATRC. Warner Springs, CA. April 06.

Home turf…San Tan Mtns. No idea when this was…probably
3-4 years ago?

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