This One’s For the Girls

Warning: Somewhat delicate, feminine subject matter at hand.  To whit: Sports bras and the things they’re designed to contain.  If you’re of a delicate nature or have no need of such discussion,  please feel free to skip this post.  It may get a bit TMI at times:)

To those that are still reading…here’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart.

*pause for really bad pun*  (There’s a reason I shouldn’t write posts past 7:00 at night.  And yet, I still do.  Besides, I’m waiting for laundry to finish, and it’s either blog or watch “South Park.”  I shouldn’t admit “South Park” is on in the background.)

I’m rather…well-endowed…in the feminine assets area.  5’4″, long legs for my height, short torso…but 34D up top.

The majority of my riding wardrobe has been really easy to find.  Not had a problem with riding tights rubbing, I can comfortably ride in just about any shirt, and shoes have been a success.  But finding effective sports bras has been something of a challenge.

Y’know the old saying about having the choice of cheap, correct, and fast, but you can only pick two?  Sports bras are something like that.  Cheap, effective, and easy to find.

In my experience, “effective” has been about the only qualification I can hope for, with “easy to find” being a distant second.  And I’ve long since resigned myself to paying out the nose for what I do find.  But it’s one of those things that’s non-negotiable.  Trying to ride in a sports bra that doesn’t work?  Isn’t. Going. To. Happen.

One of my favorite brands of sports bras is Moving Comfort.  Manufacturer recommendations are to replace bras every year.  I…don’t do that.  Yeah, they’re less effective after three or four years…but when I pay $50+ for one, I’m going to make sure I get my money’s worth.  I also don’t pay attention to the instructions of “don’t stick them in the dryer.”

You can buy directly from Moving Comfort, but they’re also stocked by places like REI.  I’ve gotten quite a few of mine from Title Nine, because of their very generous return policy (one year, no questions) that I’ve never actually had to use.  T9 stocks the Moving Comfort bras, listed under their own creative names for them.  (I included the MC name in parenthesis when applicable.)

I’ve had good luck with (given them my star rating):

– the 3-Reasons Support Bra (MC: Fiona) ****
– a cotton version of the Tech Athena ****
– the 2-in-1 Full-Support (MC: Maia)  (love, love, love this one; probably my current favorite) *****
– a front-closure version of the Hallelujah ***
– the Super Lace ***
– the newest addition: MC Phoebe (amazingly found this one on clearance at a sporting goods store and surprisingly effective) ****

I’ve got a couple others in my drawer from T9, but I don’t use them for riding.

I’ve got my eye on:
– the Trade-Up
– the 7 Wonders
– the Last Resort (a good name for it…I know several people that have been happy with this one, but I’m keeping it as my last resort)

Not a super in-depth review, but this is a topic that is really personal in that what works for one person may not work for the next.  My advice is either buy them in-person where you can try them on (jumping jacks in the dressing room is a good acid test for posting) or buy them from a place with a good return policy.

ETA: So I completely forgot to add my new favorite source for shopping:  Yeah.  Seriously.  For up to half off.  So check amazon first.

6 thoughts on “This One’s For the Girls

  1. I love my 3 Reason's bra and my 7 wonders… no bounce but make sure on the 7 wonders that you don't over tighten the straps. You'll have a nasty shoulder ache if you do. I'm a 38C and I hate bounce… in fact I'd be okay if they just went away during ride season. So there's my piece!

  2. I feel ya on the this subject. It's an important one and solving the bra problem was SUCH a relief for me! I wear one seamless, “comfort fit” bra from Victoria's Secret, it has no shoulder strap adjustments or decorative doo-das, so it's smooth and comfortable but minus the strap adjustments proved ineffective keeping the girls where I wanted them–when used alone! but put that puppy on and a sports bra over the top and viola, boobs of the correct shape in the correct place, contained safely and comfortably, in a way that one bra alone never did!

  3. I bought one of these late last year, then went back earlier this month and bought another one. I might order one or two more, because you never know when they'll just stop making the world's greatest product!

    Also I look super hot in it. Like Bird said, the girls are positioned in the correct shape and the correct place.

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