the back-end product of horse ownership

You’ll pardon the really bad pun up there.  Been entrenched in all kinds of marketing language for the past few weeks and I couldn’t help myself once I read this article:

Norco’s Can-Do Proposal: Turning Horse Manure Into Energy

Now that’s a “green” movement I can get behind.  (Sorry.  More bad puns.  It’s been a good morning and my brain is feeling just a little bit mischievous.)

I hope it’s something that ends up working out, both logistically and financially, because that would be good for areas all around the country that have a decent-sized horse population.  Imagine…your hobby (for most of us out there), providing part of your power.  Which means, in a way, the horses are sort of paying for themselves/earning their keep.  Sort of makes the prospect of shoveling that back-end product a little more appealing.

2 thoughts on “the back-end product of horse ownership

  1. Very interesting! We rake and harrow our horse pasture, then pile the manure and let it sit to age it. Then use it for compost in our garden. If it could be used as a fuel as well that would be quite convenient!

  2. I wrote a post on this subject a while back. Horse poop actually can be compressed into bricks, has a better burn than hardwood, and no odor. Haven't tried it yet…but no shortage of ingredients here, that's for sure!

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