Just when I’ve got things figured out…

You would think, after 15 years together, I’d have my pony figured out.

Except not.

I’ve written in the past about just how dead-set she is against bits.  Have yet to find one she really likes, blah-blah-blah, she goes best in her s-hack, so on and so forth.

Of course she had to prove me wrong yesterday.  I’ve made mention of my bit collection and how it is almost physically impossible for me to get rid of any bits I own, and so always have plenty of bits floating around for various experimental purposes and kicks.

Just for some of those kicks, yesterday I pulled out the Myler Full Cheek snaffle I own.  I used this bit on her quite a few years ago, when we were first starting out in NATRC.  I don’t remember if it was good or bad.  The couple of ride photos I have of her in it, she’s not tugging and fussing and pulling faces.  Always a good sign.

Exhibit A: (It’s hard to see, but trust me, it’s the full-cheek snaffle.  It’s a picture of a picture, since my computer ate my flash drive that had all of the images of my ride pics I had scanned and I wasn’t going to tear apart my ride scrapbook to rescan ’em all.)

Descanso Desperados NATRC
October 2002
Photo by Cheryl Erpelding

Especially when this is the alternative:

Chino Hills NATRC
April 2003
Photo by Ray Brezina

Safe to say she doesn’t like the loose-ring, French-link snaffle.  Especially since I have another several pics that look almost exactly like above.

So yesterday, out comes the Full Cheek again.  And she decided it was perfectly acceptable.

Of course.

She loves likes tolerates the one bit I don’t like to use.  (Something about those full cheek pieces getting hooked on things like belts, belt loops, bridle cheekstraps, water troughs…get the picture?)

What I’d like to know is if it’s the bit, or the mouthpiece.  It’s the Myler Comfort Snaffle with Twist.  The slightly rigid aspect of the comfort snaffle means it’s pretty solid in her mouth…not a lot of play or wiggle, so she fusses with it less. 


Apparently she likes to keep things interesting.


3 thoughts on “Just when I’ve got things figured out…

  1. Ashley I was very uncomfortable with bits in general until I tried a myler…I'm looking for a myler western comfort snaffle with the hooks for the headstall and reins. The other bits I tried she chomped and chewed and carried on, but the fit on these myler bits totally eliminated that.

    Love that 2002 photo!

  2. My horse is the opposite! He practically dives for it when I go to put the bridle on! Lol. I use a loose ring snaffle with a twisted copper mouthpiece. The copper is supposed to increase salivation. I swear he thinks the more he chews or licks it, it might turn into a treat? Lol

  3. Thanks, EG! That was her 3rd NATRC ride…finally starting to get things figured out.

    I love the Myler bits and don't even own any non-Myler ones anymore. Soon as my budget allows for it, I've got my eye on another one — same mouthpiece, minus the full-cheek sides. One of the extra bits I have is the western dee w/ hooks…an excellent bit, and I love the hooks on it. Allows for a lot of fine-tune communication by not having the bit rings sliding around.

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