Who here likes to make inebriated declarations of good intent New Year’s resolutions?

I actually don’t.

To be more specific: I set goals for the year, try to plan things in advance, and accept that fact that 75% of those plans will end up getting kicked to the curb through little fault of my own.

So while I’m not completely against the idea of resolutions in general — hey, they obviously work for a lot of people — I have a tendency to go way overboard in the expectations department.  I also might not be 100% in touch with reality some of the time.  So rather than creating a list of unrealistic resolutions that then leave me with an abject sense of failure when they don’t happen, I’ve settled on the more vague “plans and goals” approach.

Or maybe I just don’t like the idea of being held accountable, even by myself, to declarations made when I’ve stayed up past my bedtime.

But even without specific goals/plans/outlandish fantasies in mind at the moment, I’m looking forward to writing 2012.

(Okay, okay, so I’ve got a couple things in mind: Keep up on blogging.  I’ve gotten back into the habit of it again…Maintain it.  And this past fall, I cracked down on my own health and lifestyle.  Nothing drastic (I’ll never manage to create a stir in diet-blog land with it), just taking a very sensible approach of watching my portions, eating a well-balanced diet, walking every day (2-4 miles), and some kind of resistance workout a couple times a week.  It’s working, and I’m slowly shedding pounds and feeling good about my own fitness and health.  Keep at it.)

Superstition says that whatever you do on New Year’s is what you’ll spend the rest of the year doing.  Superstitious or not, it sounds like a good excuse to go ride.  :)

Thanks for reading! Comments are always welcome!

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