My "Other" Life

It’s been clear to me during this past week that I’ve been on break from school that I’m one of those people that, when functioning at normal capacity, always has one thing too many to do.  Court reporting school and working part-time for my parents and horses and non-horsey interests and things that normal humans require to function, such as regular food and sleep. 

Right now, I’m going into week two of a three-week break.  Based on the fact I’ve not yet managed to register for fall classes, you can see how thrilled I am to be starting yet another semester.  I’m over this school thing already, and ready to be done and be a working court reporter.  And once I’m working, that will merge two activities — school and work — into one.  See, timesaver. 

(Of course, this is me naively ignoring all of the aspects of Real Life that will come with having a Proper Job and Entering the Real World.)

I’ve actually been able to ride Mimi more in this past week than I have since the summer began.  That in itself is a sad commentary on my state of riding affairs of late.

That said, I’m going out riding tomorrow with a couple friends.  Yes, back on trail again!  Naturally, it would be at this time that she chooses to rub the outside of her tail, right where the crupper sits.  Tail was perfect all summer…and the week I need to start using the crupper again, she opportunistically rubs.  Ponies.

Off to hunt down all the extra fleecy, fluffy covers that might work on the crupper and give further protection, in addition to the layers of desitin liberally gobbed on the area.

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