Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my father’s XXth birthday…he can enlighten anyone who asks what numbers are supposed to fill in those x’s.  :)))

I couldn’t ask for a better riding partner to spend the hours and miles with along the trail.  Thank you for following me into this crazy horse obsession, and for making me a better horseperson along the way.  Your open-mindedness and curiosity has broadened my horizons and taken me far outside of my original comfort zone…and for that, I’m eternally grateful.

And thank you:

  • for enabling my love of horses in the first place, when you first pointed out that little white mare being ridden in the arena as we were passing by…
  • for tolerating the pointed-toe kicks in the kidneys from an impatient little girl who didn’t understand that you actually were bidding on that pony…
  • for being there through all the subsequent ups and downs of show life with a young rider and green pony
  • for doing all that being a Show Dad entailed…hauling the trailer, lifting saddles, giving me a leg up, making sure my number was straight, and taking literally hundred of thousands of horse show pictures
  • for taking me up on my “suggestion” to take riding lessons
  • for taking up the reins on your own horse and venturing into the world of trail riding
  • for convincing me that NATRC sounded like fun
  • for following me into endurance
  • for crewing for me at rides before you had an endurance horse
  • for being such a great ride partner

And, finally, to wrap things up, because I could never fully list everything I’m grateful to you for,

  • Thank you for being such a wonderful influence and role model in my life.  I’m a better person because of how you and Mom have raised me.  You’ve taught me to meet — and exceed — expectations, live up to my responsibilites, follow through on commitments, and live a Christian life that glorifies God.  Thank you for that, and so much more.

Here’s to many more happy birthdays and trail miles apent together!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dad!

  1. ashley
    i am moved to tears by your blog today. i knew when i met you how special you were, but today's post clinches it. i am blessed to have you in my life as a friend and i hope you consider me the same. enjoy the day and “happy trails to you”…………
    many hugs to you

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