Wickenburg Prep

I’m watching the weather forecast for the coming week like a hawk.  The major Pacific storm system that is supposed to sweep California before venturing over here has me concerned. as rain is predicted all week.  (However, just talking to a friend in San Diego…he says he’s not gotten a drop of rain all day, so we’ll just have to see.)

I’m not content to just “let things be,” and am moving ahead with ride prep as though we are going to get buckets of water dumped on us.  The hope in being prepared this way is, of course, that over-preparedness will result in not needing any of it.  *crosses fingers*  Fortunately, the worst of the rain is predicted for Tuesday-Thursday, and down to a 20% chance on Saturday.

I’m currently sitting at my desk, sniping and tying fringe on a piece of fleece to make myself another in-trailer blanket.  My blankets keep getting sacrificed to Mimi, so I finally ordered her a second Trail-Rite Cooling Blanket.  Now I have a whole pile of horsehair-covered fleece blankets to pull out of the trailer and launder, then I can use them for myself once again.  Hopefully her blanket arrives before Friday.  (Just got an email, it’ll be here Thursday.)

I also ordered a new GPS from Amazon.  After much indecision and waffling, I finally ended up getting the Garmin eTrex Venture HC.  I like the fact that it has color, and the high-sensitivity receiver.  As much as I really liked the more expansive, expensive models, this has everything I need it for…basic mapping, and I’m really after mileage and speed calculations.

This’ll be my third Garmin eTrex, and I really like them.  My first one was one of the first generation eTrex  (Venture, I think…it was the one with the teal-colored casing) and it worked really well…until I slammed it in the Suburban door.  Word to the wise: don’t ever balance your GPS in between the vehicle frame and the open door, then leave it there to acquire satellites, only to forget about it and close the door.

My second one was the eTrex Legend (blue casing…still an early generation, before the color or high-sensitivity receivers were an option).  I really liked it, until it inexplicably stopped working.  I can turn it on, it’ll work for about five minutes, the nthe screen goes blank save for a vertical line of pixels running down the middle or off to the side.

I’ve been without a GPS now for the past year and a half, and I’m eager to ride with one again, especially at rides.  It’s made me get very good at pacing and timing, to have to rely on watching the clock and knowing trail distance, and it helps to know Mimi’s average speed for any given gait, but I’ll be happy to have my technology back.  I rode with a friend’s GPS at McDowell in November, as she wanted a map of the trails, and that made me realize how much I missed having one.  It should be here Wednesday.

New splint boots are ordered, and should be here today.  I’m waffling on using them…they’re the same model as the ones I’ve been using, but my old ones are 13 years old.  Will the quality still be the same on the new ones, or might there be potential for rubs from an ill-placed seam?  The rain for the week, combined with Dad’s work and my heading back to school, is curtailing the amount of riding I’ll be able to do to test them, so I’m down to pre-riding Friday.  I’ll try them then, and if all goes fine, use them for the ride, but toss the old boots in the crew box.

My new helmet also got here last week, a Tipperary Sportage Plus I bought from a friend who bought it, wore it once, didn’t like the fit, and has kept it around since, so it’s still brand new.  I love it, and even though I haven’t had a chance to ride in it, I sat around on my computer with it on my head for an hour, and it felt great.

I’ve got my Goretex rain gear, as well as the two non-Goretex “waterproof” rain jackets.  Both ponies have two rump rugs…a fleece, and a canvas-topped fleece each.  Each pony has four (!) wicking-type sheets…Beamer has two fleeces, and two wool coolers, and Mimi has two fleeces (plus an extra if absolutely necessary) and a wool cooler.  They both have waterproof sheets (his moreso than hers) and Goretex blankets.

My right foot is still sore from yesterday’s race, so I’m taking a very aggressive icing/Motrin treatment to try to get it in check before Friday.  I can see some bruising in the sore area, but no heat or swelling, so I’m guessing it’s probably some kind of concussion-related pressure bruising. 

I’m kind of wishing I had ice boots for Mimi that I could steal and use, as I only have one good icepack, and two marginal ones, for myself.  Ice boots were on my “to buy” list, and I even thought about getting them for Wickenburg, but the chilly forecast and wet weather means I probably won’t need to do much leg icing.  I thought about getting them for the 75, but I know we’ll be finishing after dark, which, in February, is still pretty chilly, and I don’t know if that’ll chill them too much or not. 

I took a quick trip down to the barn this afternoon, between rain showers, and did a bit of work on the trailer.  Ponies got to go out in the big pasture and run while I did that, which made them very happy.  Overfed and underridden…that’s them.  They’re definitely ready for 50 miles.

3 thoughts on “Wickenburg Prep

  1. Well I sure hope the ride on the 23th is great. My good friend Linda Giolitti/Ball is planning to ride it. She and her hubby Larry left sunndy dry (at the time) Cool, California for Wickenburg and she is determined to ride Tevis this year. So Watch out you Wickenburg riders! Potato

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