McDowell Results

Valley of the Sun (McDowell) results are up…apparently I came in 26th, with a 9:42 ride time. I guess it was a slower ride for me than I thought. Keep in mind that 40 of those minutes were “extra time” spent at the vet check, getting my Renegades straightened out, but I thought for sure I was going faster than that. A little disconcerting to be trot-trot-trotting everywhere and have a 5.5 mph average speed.

EDIT: Forgot to add…36/36 people finished the 50.

5 thoughts on “McDowell Results

  1. It’s amazing how all the “tack adjustments” add up. I remember being suprised how close I was to the cut off times at American river one year (my first endurance rides). I had to stop “a couple” of times to adjust tack, but went like h*ll the rest of the time. Barely made the cut offs at each check point.

    If I do Tevis I’m going to be really really good about my time management. No fiddling around!

    26th out of how many finishers? I cam in 26th on my second day of Wild West in ~9 hours too!

  2. 36 finishers in the 50. Normally I’m really good at time management, and just waiting until an actual stop — water or VC — to do adjustments. Leaving the VC 40 minutes late was a Major Crisis for me. :)

  3. It’s amazing how fast a 15 minute or a one hour hold goes by. I definately more prepared for it now, but it something I definately try to warn new people about – the time goes faster than you think! LOL.

    Are you still planning on being Lucy’s “boot lady” at the Tevis?

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