On the road again

Well, we’re off to the Valley of the Sun ride in the morning. We’re helping volunteer tomorrow, so we have to be there early to help ribbon part of the trail (Note: If you’re at the ride, and hate the ribbons, I didn’t do that section. *grin*).

I’m starting to get a bit nervous, but I’m really looking forward to it. We are once again going to try a 50.

Mimi and Beamer got baths today. They were super-lucky and I hauled them down to Cindy’s house, since she has hot water in her washrack. Then they got turned out in her pasture for about 20 minutes, and they trotted and cantered around, quite eager to explore the new turf. And Mimi got to flirt with Panama, so she was quite happy. Again, she didn’t get the memo about what age she’s supposed to be.

The trailer is packed. I just need to pack the food cooler tomorrow morning. It’s supposed to be warm, which necessitated a last-minute clipping flurry of pony-fluff removal this afternoon. I have two cases of waters in the truck, extra ice for the cooler, and sponges and scoops ready.

My goal is to just finish the ride. I think it’ll be easier for me to go slow and ride conservatively in the 50, versus risking pushing too hard, too fast, in the 25. I want to take pictures, something I’ve done a pretty poor job of up to this point.

The nice thing about McDowell is that it’s close, only about an hour away. Which means I get to go home Saturday night and sleep in my own bed.

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