Rain, Rain, Stay Away

The weathermen don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re predicting rain for this weekend – not an unheard of occurence, as we’re coming up on February monsoon season. But looking out at the skies today, it’s hard to believe there’s a 60% chance of rain for tomorrow. It’s currently in the low 70’s, sunny, and with enough of a breeze blowing to make it feel about 10 degrees cooler.

That being said, I would dearly love for the rain to hold off until Monday. Another two days of this perfect weather this weekend would be ideal for riding. With the recent trail improvement in the San Tans, we can make the big, 12-mile loop a lot faster now that the trails are smoother and there’s less really deep sand wash to navigate.

It would really be good to get the ponies out for longer rides both days this weekend, and again next week. And I really would like to get up to McDowell again sometime before the next ride there and ride more of the trail than the 15 miles we de-ribboned.

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