Too hot to trot

There’s something about temps of 110*+ combined with 40% humidity that really puts the kibosh on the idea of riding. The ponies weren’t complaining, either. Mimi was jsut as happy to escape today with a 15 minute scratch-and-massage session, plus a bath, complete with a Cowboy Magicked tangle-free mane and tail. She looked like a shiny white show pony by the time I was done. That’ll last maybe an hour.

Dad and Beamer were the unfortunate victims of a bee attack at the barn today…very weird. The bees only left when I came running out of the barn, frantically spraying fly spray everywhere. Apparently they don’t let RepelX fly spray. Aggressive suckers, too, from what Dad said…going right for the face/eyes. Scary.

So I didn’t get to try out my new Dirty Girl Gaiters today…they came in the mail last week. I got the black ones with the purple flames on them. I’ll get pics the next time I put them on. They go well with all of Mimi’s purple/black tack, and they look good when I held them up next to my dove grey tights. What I really need to look super spiffy-coordinated is a pair of purple tights now. Pay tuition first, and if I have anything left over from that, I might hit up Evelyn’s Just For Horse’n Around tights, since I’ve heard many good things about them…the price is right, too!

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