Dysfunctional Slinkies R Us

Lesson learned of last Sunday’s: our horses don’t like being left to sit for a week. Due to simply ghastly weather Saturday, we wimped out of riding…and the ponies let us know how very displeased they were with us on Snday. It was very strange weather…very monsoony and humid, but only about a high of 85* when we were out there. A light breeze, and very, very overcast. So between the slight “coolness” in the air, and a bit of a breeze, Mimi was definitely in airy-fairy mode today. She was very much “between my hands and legs”, spending more time bouncing up climbs than actually walking them. Apparently Beamer wasn’t much better, judging by the mutters of Dad that I heard behind me. They were acting like a couple of dysfunctional slinkies – speed up, slow down, go down the hill with your front feet on one track of trail, your hind feet on the other track, bounce a few times, trip, almost fall on your face…*sigh*

In other news, I finally scanned a bunch of the professional pics I have from rides, both NATRC and AERC, and I’ve slowly been trying to “recreate the past” and work up some of my old ride stories. I have a fiarly photographic memory for things like this, so I’m having relatively good success. I’ll post them as I complete them.

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