Just a few pictures

So Williams wasn’t an entire wash…I did get some good pictures. It’s rare to get pics of muself, since I’m usually the one holding the camera. And I bought a shiny new sponge from Horses Dacor. (For all the sponging I can do out in the desert, yeah?)

Friday afternoon, before she went into grumpy!pony mode.
photo courtesy of Patrick Cook…aka my farrier, endurance recruit, and camp neighbor

Mimi and I, Saturday morning, before heading over to the start.
photo courtesy of Ken Danley

Dad and Beamer, Me and Mimi
photo courtesy of Ken Danley

Dad & Beamer, Patty & Shelley, Dana & Hawkeye and Me & Mimi
photo courtesy of Ken Danley

The pony, happily installed in front of her hay…before the bugs started biting. :(
photo by me…I didn’t actually take that many this weekend…too much stuff on my mind and plate.

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