Wednesday: Stress

Definitely miss those two extra days. *sigh* Glad for the extra money, though. Means I can go raid Horses Dacor for toys. Already have a new purple sponge on hold to pick up from them. :)

I’ ve got half the grocery shopping done…just need to go to the regular grocery store in a few minutes. And then I’ve got to clean my tack, and start sorting stuff in the garage. At least packing the trailer doesn’t take quite as long anymore. And it’s already been washed out in the back, I just need to reapply a fresh layer of Gorilla Tape to the gaps in between the mats.

And I seem to be doing my best to break myself. First, I jammed my finger, nail first, into the door handle trying to get out of the Suburban today. *sigh* Blonde moment. Broke the fingernail off, though, down to the bed, which is a really weird sensation, since I’ve gotten so used to longer nails. Grrr. That’s goingt o probably throw my writing on my machine off at school tomorrow, what with the bandaid and all. *more sigh*

And then, for some reason, my left shoulder is really bothering me today. Any time I try to lift something forward, it hurts. The weird thing was, I never had any specific injury that would cause me problems. The only thing I can possibly think of it when, a couple years ago, Mimi spooked and ran me into a tree and I ended up flipping over backwards.

We were grazing alongside a wash, all relaxed-like, which meant I had dropped my stirrups and was holding the reins by the buckle. Genius, me. Something spooekd her front behind and she majorly panicked. Apparently she dug 8″ deep divots in the dirt, she launched herself forward so hard. Unfortunately, she launched right into a very low-branched palo verde tree. She had just enough room to scrape under the branches, but I didn’t.

I threw my arms up to protect my face, out of pure instinct…it was one of those things that I never even had a chance to really grab the reins, I was already screwed and in ‘survival mode.’ The branches stopped any forward movement on my part, and as she scooched forward, I got shoved up into the branches, then flipped over backwards and dropped into the dirt.

At the time, I thought the worst injuries I acquired were a concussion, a cracked bone near my knuckles, and some sprained fingers. Now I’m wondering if I didn’t wrench that shoulder in the process of tangling/flipping? It’s an off-and-on problem and I’m hoping goes ‘off’ in the next two days! Otherwise, I’d better hope really hard the Mimi doesn’t pull. That, and it’ll affect my ability to wear my Camelbak, which I always drink better with. Hmmmm. Time to go rustle up some Motrin.

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