What’s all this about?

So I decided that since I’ve started putting a lot more thought into writing down ride stories, I’d make a place to colelctively share them, as well as my training logs and, dare I say it, exploits on the trail towards our first 50.

To start off, we’ve been distance riding for about 6 years now, NATRC for 5, AERC for 2. Only done LDs so far, and Novice and Competitive Pleasure level in NATRC. This year, the goal has been a 50, but it’s been a comedy of errors in trying to get to one. I’ve had to scratch out of both rides I was signed up for, both rather last minute.

The short version of the story: bite on the back, right where the saddle goes, from the (former) pasture-mate, the night before Land of the Sun. Next ride: McDowell Mtn. Saddle issues. The BBH (Bastardized Big Horn) I’ve been riding in all of a sudden started to not work. This is my former gaming saddle I sawed the horn off, changed the stirrups, added new breastcollar rings, a crupper bar, and in general made in look like a distance saddle.

Now we’re looking ahead to July, for the Devil Dog endurance ride, where hopefully Dad and his young (well, 8 yr old…but sometimes still young mentally) Shagya Arabian gelding Beamer will be joining us on our quest for a 50!

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