One Week of Ride Prep, Saturday-Tuesday

Countdown to Ride Day…Devil Dog 50, Williams, AZ

Saturday, 6/21

Medium-workout day. About 8 very hot miles in the San Tans on one of the ponies’ favorite loops. Lots of trottable single tracks and a few hills. Mimi’s a happy girl, despite her best efforts to destroy the inside of my trailer with her impatient kicking. Grrrr.

Sunday, 6/22

Final ride. All legs are still attached. We only did about 4 miles, and it was hot, Hot, HOT! I was wilted at the end, and went through two water bottles just in that short time. Too lazy to fill my Camelbak for that short ride. That, and some of the muscles around my left shoulder blade are sort of tweaked, and I’m trying to keep stuff off it until the ride. School is not helping, the way I sit at my machine, especially if I’m being lazy, puts a lot of pressure on the area.

Monday, 6/23

I’ve really lost some of my getting ready time this week. I’m helping a friend out by pet-and-babysitting for a couple of days, Sunday evening through Tuesday evening. She’s taking her daughter up for an NAU freshmen orientation, and her 13-year-old didn’t really want to go along, so she asked me if I’d be willing to watch him and their two Schnauzers, whom I’ve already sat for during the past three summers. Being of the “poor, broke college student” inclination, I agreed.

Unfortunately, this means I lose two days of my week for packing the trailer, which is now sitting in the street in front of my house for the week. Gotta cram everything into Wednesday and Thursday now.

Tuesday, 6/24

Williams is going to feel so good, weather-wise, in comparison to Phoenix. 79* as compared to 109* here right now. However, the prediction of 87* on Saturday is slightly worrisome, as it is high elevation up there – 6500’ – and at that height, 87* can be really warm, as it’s closer to the sun. I hope the rumors about natural water along with ride-provided water on the trail are true. Might actually need my sponge for once.

I’m really looking forward to the ride. Our farrier Patrick will be taking his new horse Clark up for his first ride, and is entered in the 25 mile LD. We’re driving up together, since he lives right along the way, about twenty minutes from the barn.

I emailed Patty Danley, fellow endurance rider and ABC distributor yesterday for a Redmond’s Salt order. Patty was one of the first people I met at my first AERC ride, and we were camped right across from her. She was so helpful in answering all my newbie questions and really welcoming me to the sport. Well, she’s starting her new mare, a Doc baby, at this ride, and asked if she could head out with us at the start, since we always start a few minutes after the mob. I told her we’d love to have her join us…it’s nice to be able to return favors in any way I can after everything she’s helped me out with.

That’s one of the things I really love about AERC…coming from of the show world, distance riders are so incredibly friendly, welcome, and accommodating in comparison. Every ride I’ve been to, I’ve always made at least one new friend, and have been fortunate to camp next to wonderful neighbors.

I’ve at least got my packing and shopping lists made, so it’ll just be some intense work tomorrow and Thursday to get everything packed and ready. That’s the unfortunate thing about having 6 months in between rides…in that time, it’s harder to keep the trailer neat and organized.

Countdown to R-Day!

Ride Day is on Saturday! First 50 miler coming up at Wickenburg, and I’m jsut about ready. The trailer is packed, the food is bought, the clothes are even packed! All I have to do now is bathe the ponies and fill their haybags, and they’ll be ready to go! First ride of the season for me…getting a bit nervous, I have to admit.

We’re off to see the…mountain?

Mingus Mountain, to be exact, for the Man Against Horse endurance ride! Woohoo! Just a quick post, because there’s no way I could catch up on everything that’s happened since August. Let’s just say life has been nuts. Thank goodness for well-conditioned horses that can stand to miss a couple days here and there.

Naturally, we had to have some nail-biting tension 2 weeks before the ride when Pony went lame. Turned out she jsut had some muscular stuff that was off. Darla Vanni with A Midas Touch Equine Massage worked her magic and returned my pony to good as new, and we’re ready to roll!

The trailer is packed (except for my duffel bag and saddle), the horses came flyingin from pasture this afternoon for their baths. They’re ready to go, Go, GO! We’re planning to pull out of the barn by 8:30 tomorrow morning and get up to camp nice and early so we can preride and let Beamer get his heebie-jeebies out, since this is going to be his first endurance ride! He’s got 3 NATRC rides under his cinch now, and a brain in his head, so we’re hoping this’ll go off without a hitch. This ride is old hat for Mimi…this will be our 3rd year doing it. And this ride is always special to me, since it was my first AERC ride. We’re only doing the 25 this time, for Beamer’s sake. And because life hasn’t given me the time I would like to have them ideally conditioned for a 50. But now that the weather is breaking, we’re on the path to a 50 once more!