Just got back home from seeing Secretariat.  I’m calling it a “must-see” movie, and it just moved up to the top of my list of best horse movies.

I’m not usually a fan of horse movies…in fact, I don’t own a single one.  (Must remedy this, since there are a few good ones.)  The Black Stallion is good, and National Velvet heartwarming.  Black Beauty makes me cringe, in all of its incarnations.  Hidalgo requires suspension of disbelief, and helped put a dent in the idea of endurance riding.  (Nice eye candy, though.)  The Horse Whisperer traumatized me for life at age ten.

So, I like movies with horses in them…I just don’t necessarily love horse movies.

I loved Secretariat.

If you already had plans to go see it…go see it sooner.  If you were holding off…trust me, it’s worth it.  I rarely go to the movies anymore, and this one was definitely worth the trip.  It’s a heart-warming, feel-good, celebration of greatness.  And some great comedic moments along the way.