Pony shenanigans, caught on video

I’ve been meaning to take some video for a while, and today I finally managed to get all the stars to align for this:

She put on her full fireworks display of romping, kicking, and in general having way too much fun.

Part of why I wanted a video of her moving at liberty is for work-related purposes…her shenanigans put any boot to the test.  I call her the crash-test dummy of the hoof boot world: if it can be broken, she will find a way.  The above is Exhibit A as to why.  She is flat-out hard on hoof wear.

(I guess that says something that she has only busted one Renegade in almost five years.)

I’ve also been curious to analyze her movement, frame-by-frame.  She has short, fairly upright little pasterns, but I’m amazed at how much flexion actually happens when she’s moving at speed.  And I’m very pleased to see she’s got a very decent landing, for her.  She’s naturally high-heeled (pony feet!) and a heel-first landing is something we struggled with for years.

She used to go through the toes of boots embarrassingly fast, but ever since I took over her trimming, I have made a conscious effort to work on her heels and keep them in check.  As a result, she’s wearing her boots much more evenly now, and she’s landing pretty evenly.

I know I’m biased, but I just love watching her move.  Today, I was having a hard time remembering she’s 19 and has fused hocks, because she was moving really well.  The warmer the weather gets, the happier (and less crunchy) she is.