2006 Shagya Arabian mare
(Janos x Justa Inspiration)

Behind the name: From Old English liberte: liberty, freedom and Latin terra: earth, land — loosely, “Land of the Free.” 


My project. With only three AERC LD rides under her girth, she’s still just a baby in experience and wet blankets, but I feel that she has a lot of potential. Race-bred on her Arabian dam’s side, and by a Shagya Arabian stallion proven in 100-milers, she has the breeding, and from the small amount of surface I’ve scratched, seems to have the brains, willingness, and boldness.


She’s also opinionated, dominant, and a little bit stubborn, so as long as I can convince her to channel those traits into performance, I think she’s going to be one heck of an endurance horse.