February: A Placeholder

I’m going to owe you guys some really good stories and major catch-up, but that’s going to entail me slowing down enough to write them first, which probably isn’t going to happen until mid-March.

What have I been up to and am up to that had me so tied up? Here’s a hint…

Liberty and I completed our FIRST 100-MILE RIDE at 20 Mule Team this month! Epic story to come…it was a long day, I think we both learned a ton (I know I did, and can only hope she did), and it’s only just now starting to sink in that I finally achieved a goal that’s been at the foremost of my endurance dreaming.

This is what a work trip looks like. ;) I’m currently writing this post from my Jacksonville, FL hotel room, where I’m at through the weekend for the AERC Convention. I am SO excited to be back at Convention — it’s been 3 years ago that I was last at one (in this exact place, actually) before the world went off the rails — and I have really missed it. (Virtual Convention in 2021, and last year I wasn’t in a mental space to really want to go). It’s so good to be among my endurance tribe, and I have at least half an empty suitcase to fill with shopping goodies.

One thought on “February: A Placeholder

  1. Congratulations!! I also completed with my mustang. It was a beautiful day at an amazingly well run ride. I wish I lived closer so I could do that ride every year.

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